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Kantar Media Monitoring and Marketing

Kantar is our strongest research tool that allows us to get an understanding of the competitive landscape. Kantar allows us to become even more fluent in your market than many who live in the area. This tool gives our staff a complete insight into what other advertising law firms are doing, from their current and historical spending to the creative messaging they are using and their buying strategy. This information is crucial in securing our clients’ longevity in the market.

Competitive Spending

Analyzing how much your competitors are spending is an important party of media planning and budget recommendations. We want to make sure that our clients are not getting drowned out on the airways. On the other hand, we need to make sure that they are not spending too much money on one particular medium.

Additionally, with the ability to see historical spending of different advertisers in the market, we are able to see the growth of individual firms and anticipate or estimate what they will be spending in the future. This gives us a competitive edge in helping our clients’ firms the top in their area.

Competitor Creative and Strategy

In addition to spending, Kantar allows us to view the exact spots that competitors have aired and what stations they are advertising on. We are able to see the exact time and date that spots air, giving us an insight into their strategy.

By being able to see what creative they are currently running or have ran in the past, we can see which practice areas they are targeting. The ultimate goal of advertising is conversions. It is important to identify which law firms are going after the same cases as our clients so that we can we can ensure that potential clients will turn to our firms for help with their legal needs.

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