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How To Run Your Law Firm Like A Business

One of the most common misconceptions lies in the relationship between the practice of law and running a business. As a pioneer in the modern world of law, John Morgan quickly recognized the value inherent in treating a law firm as if it were a business because a law, in fact, is a business. With this mindset, every element of internal procedure is transformed.

Throughout the last 25 years, John Morgan has developed a business model for running a successful personal injury law firm. PMP clients have the benefit of learning from the successes and failures that Morgan & Morgan has made in his pursuit of becoming America’s largest personal injury firm.

A Law Firm is a Business

PMP Marketing Group has identified the close relationship between running a successful business and running a successful law firm. As we pool aspects from our media, digital, and business of law division, we are able to craft a comprehensive strategy to achieving law firm objectives on a national and local scale.

Incorporating some of the most essential business tactics, PMP manages and monitors:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Internal Practices
  • Intake Processes
  • Lead Generation Platforms
  • Client Acquisition Methods
  • Case Management
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Growth Strategy
  • Profitability
  • Trend in the Market

Directing these business components sets the tone for a highly-functional, efficient firm. Failing to treat a law firm like a business directly affects profitability capacity. At PMP Marketing, we understand what business practices are needed to run a well-organized, profitable law firm.

Once you join PMP Marketing Group, we will assist you in implementing internal changes, thus increasing your law firm’s efficiency. PMP clients are provided with the same business model that is used at Morgan & Morgan.

Through the use of the John Morgan Model, Practice Made Perfect is able to transform your law firm into a profitable business.

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