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How Press Releases Help Your Brand

When a time-sensitive matter such as a new mass tort arises, law firms need to have an outlet in order to access potential clients and make relevant readers aware of a situation. This is where the role of press releases come into play in the digital realm.

In addition to quickly releasing information about particular practice areas and potential cases, press releases serve as an excellent method that enables law firms to maintain a connection to their local community and help to keep the name of their firm circulating in the public arena.

Leading by example, the staff at PMP are actively involved in our local community and certainly encourage our clients to "give back" by taking part in local fundraising events and other community related activities.

Press Releases for Online Success

At PMP, we understand that building a brand online can be a challenging and somewhat daunting process for many firms. In fact, while many established practices have worked hard to create a recognizable name in their respective locations, most often they will lack a real presence on the internet.

The digital department here at PMP specializes in building brand value and identity through our meticulous SEO initiatives, which include press release distribution as part of that process.

While press releases are certainly useful outlets for information distribution, essentially, they serve as a rapid delivery vehicles for important, timely information, which law firms can utilize to announce involvement in mass tort releases, product recall and safety issues or community service announcements.

Some of the primary benefits of issuing regular press releases can include:

  • Optimized press releases improve overall SEO, improving search rankings
  • Larger news outlets often pick up PMP press releases, widening the firm’s audience significantly
  • Ability to target very specific potential clients via location, subject matter, etc.
  • Communicates credibility, as the law firm is viewed as an expert on the subject matter
  • Serves as a map to your website and/or firm’s office
  • Quickly disseminate information to an enormous pool of potential clients

Practice Made Perfect understands the massive value inherent in press release distribution. Serving as a news outlet, as well as a direct map to your website or office, PMP constructed press releases can dramatically increase online exposure, boost web credibility, and add law firm brand value.

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