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Introduction to Google Plus

Google Plus is a social networking platform which launched on June 28, 2011 and is owned and operated by Google Incorporated. As of January 2013, it surpassed Twitter to become the second-largest social media networking site in the world behind Facebook. As of May 2013, Google Plus had reported a total of 500 million registered users and continues to demonstrate the technological advancements available to Google.

The social media marketing team at PMP Marketing Group has a tight grip on the ever-changing and ever-evolving Google Plus social network and has the experience to increase your law firm’s exposure through this outlet. Our award winning team has recognized the great value social media can have for a law firm and knows how to use it to each firm’s advantage.

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Key Features of Google +

When we create a Google Plus account, it is based on our Google profile. According to Google, the profile was created to help shape what we see hen our name is searched. This Google platform allows us to have more control of our information that is visible to the world such as our personal biography, address, phone number, email, and links to websites. Of course, there are many key features of Google + that every user should be aware of.

Some of the key features of Google + include:


The stream allows users to see updates from those in your circle and appears in the center column of the page. Here, there is an input box which allows for you to enter a post, upload videos and photos. This stream can also be filtered to show only posts from specific circles.


A circle is a collection of people who you would like to connect with. This section comes with three pre-defined circles; friends, family and acquaintances. Of course, Google allows for us to create our own customized circles as well. Furthermore, the circle is a one-way relationship, meaning that just because you follow someone else, does not mean they must follow you back.


A hangout is an area where users can facilitate a video chat with one or more friends, and add up to 10 people at one time. This feature allows users to join the Hangout if they have a unique URL of that specific Hangout.


The messenger feature, formerly known as Huddle, allows for users to communicate on SMS devices through instant messaging. It allows users to send text messages and photos to people within their Circles.

Instant Upload

This feature is available only to mobile devices, while allowing users to store photos and videos in a private album before they choose to share them at a later date.


The Sparks feature allows for users to identify certain topics they may be interested in sharing with their Circles or with the entire Google Plus community. This section can be accessed as a pull-down from the search results and is used to keep users informed on the latest updates and topics that spark their interest.


This button is one of the essential keys to Google Plus. This is similar to the Like button of Facebook and allows users to add other users to Circles while also allowing users to recommend sites to other users.

Search in Google+

The Google+ search feature allows users to search for content within the realm of Google+. Here, a user can type in what they are searching for and Google Plus returns relevant people and posts, along with popular content throughout the web.

Hash Tags

A hash tag (#) is used when a user places the number sign at the beginning of a word, which hyperlinks it to the most recent and most trending search results within Google Plus relating to that word or term. This feature has been popular with Twitter since it was created and implemented in Google Plus on October 12, 2011.

What’s Hot

What’s Hot is a stream that shows what is currently trending on Google Plus. As this feature was previously an issue to many, it now has its own page that can be reached from the side tab.


This feature was introduced on October 27, 2011 as a visualization tool, which demonstrates how re-sharing activity happens to public posts. This allows users to reply to the public shares activity, zoom on specific events, identify top contributors, view statistics on chain length, view influential people in the chain, and much more.

Google+ Pages

This feature allows for entities that are not people to set up profiles, or pages, for posting. It is similar to that of Facebook pages, which offers separate features more geared towards businesses, products, and services.

Google+ Local

Google+ local, previously Google Places, allows users to integrate directly with Google+ to allow for photos and reviews of locations to be posted directly to the page. This also allows Google+ Local and Maps to feature detailed reviews and ratings from Zagat, which was acquired by Google in September 2011.

Google+ Events

This feature allows for users to add events, invite people, share photos, and media in real-time from the actual event. This feature is also integrated with Google Calendar to update this feature automatically.

Google+ Communities

This allows for users to create ongoing conversations about particular topics and interests as well as manage them under their Google+ Page accounts.

As these are some of the key features found on Google Plus, this will assist users in understanding its many capabilities. Of course, these features must be used carefully and can be tailored to law firms if used correctly.

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