Digital marketing offers an opportunity to add an exceptional service to your law firm, while allowing you to tap into a thriving resource including millions of people. However, if your firm is new to digital marketing it is imperative not to throw all your eggs into one basket attempting to keep up with the largest law firms in town.

In order for your digital marketing efforts to be effective, it is important to first understand your market and how to attract potential clients to your firm. In any case, you will essentially be paying for leads with your online marketing efforts, whether you buy them directly from a vendor, or pay for traffic to your website through Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Mobile Apps, Radio or Television Advertising.

No matter how we look at it, your firm must have a plan of action once your new leads begin arriving in order to turn them into appointments and optimally new cases.

Time is of the Essence

One of the largest mistakes that law firms often commit is not immediately following up with a new lead. Not only has research proven that when there is a delayed response to a lead the probability of closing that case reduces dramatically, it may also develop a poor name for your firm with negative reviews, or worse, your lead goes to your competition where they respond immediately.

So, you may be wondering how soon to follow up with a lead? The answer, immediately. Often times we get the notion in our heads that contacting a lead immediately gives the idea that we are too eager, rather it demonstrates how much your firm truly wants to help a person in need of your legal support. Therefore, the likelihood of gaining a new client is high.

Even if you don’t See Immediate Success, Keep Trying

Following up with a new lead is without a doubt the number one most important technique for online lead conversions, but it doesn’t stop here. Law firms must be prepared to attempt contacting new leads multiple times during the first couple of days. If you cannot seem to get ahold of that individual immediately, make sure to leave a genuine voicemail, and also sending a follow up email.

Remember; when leaving voicemails, do not seem desperate saying “Hello, this is Jack Smith from The ABC Law Firm. We are the greatest law firm in town and are sure we can help you with our many resources and experience.” This sounds too much like a sales pitch and the desperation is pouring out, while this technique will not typically result in your lead responding. More so, create a well-crafted voicemail without attempting to force anyone into using your law firm. “Hello, this is Jack Smith from The ABC Law Firm. We just received a request asking you to be contacted. We have a very interesting question for you which could affect your case. Please give us a call when you get a chance.” This voicemail provokes a level of curiosity, leaving them thinking what the interesting question may be.

Add Them to your Contact Database

While you may not make initial contact with this individual, or they may not be the best fit, there is no reason to throw this valuable lead away. It is important to add the name, phone number, and email address into a spreadsheet. It would also be beneficial to add the contact to your subscriber list if you are running an email marketing campaign. If your firm makes an impact on this individual, they are more likely to refer you to family and friends in need of legal counsel, or may come back to you for legal advice in the future.

Converting a new lead is not a difficult process, while it does take time and discipline. By following these guidelines, establishing a system, and remaining consistent; your law firm too can land a career changing case and be on your way to becoming one of the “largest law firms” in town.

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