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Using Facebook to Increase Brand Awareness

There is no doubt that having and using a Facebook page is beneficial to law firms. Statistics based off a survey conducted by InSites Consulting USA demonstrate that 80 percent of the American companies surveyed use Facebook. Of course, there is a difference between having a Facebook page and actually using a Facebook page.

In order to properly use a Facebook page to your law firms benefit, there are a number of things to do to help increase brand awareness. Of course, these features will take some time to be created and implemented correctly, which is a large problem for many law firms and businesses, thus many Facebook pages remain unused and stagnant.

At PMP Marketing Group, our social media marketing team has the experience, knowledge, and tools to implement a strategy to increase your law firms brand awareness on Facebook. By doing so, you will draw increased attention to your law firm and tap into an extremely large niche that many other firms are not taking advantage of.

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Building Your Law Firms Brand on Facebook

The key to building a successful brand on Facebook is to implement certain proven strategies. These strategies will attract the attention of members both in and outside of your community. Of course, once you have established your law firm’s brand, people will begin to trust your law firm, and be more likely to choose your lawyers when they are in need of assistance.

Some ways to use Facebook to increase brand awareness include:

    • Adding Famous Quotes
    • Announce Events
    • Feature Employee Spotlights
    • Highlight Latest Cases, Verdicts, and Settlements
    • Offering a Free Guide
    • Offering Free Case Evaluations
    • Post About Local Events
    • Post Humorous Images
    • Post Photos from Behind-the-Scenes
    • Post Photos of Products and Services
    • Post Research and Ask Followers Opinions
    • Post Special Event Pictures
    • Posts of Topics Affecting Legal Industry
    • Share News from Partner Pages
    • Share Press Releases or Email Newsletters
    • Share Testimonials
    • Survey Followers
    • Use Facebook Ads
    • Use Infographics
    • Use News Stories Relating to Industry
    • Use Photos to Show Industry Statistics

    As Facebook has 1.11 billion users as of 2013, this is a huge market for law firms to utilize, especially with the many targeting options available. Unfortunately, most law firms do not use their Facebook page and are missing this excellent opportunity to present themselves to the Facebook community before their competition gets to it.

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    At PMP Marketing Group, our law firm Facebook marketing experts have the experience, knowledge, and tools to take your law firms social media above and beyond your competition. Many law firms across America are putting their trust in legal marketing agencies to monitor and regulate their online presence, as it takes many hours to perfect and maintain.

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