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Convergence of Digital and Traditional Media

As the marketing landscape changes to accommodate an ever-increasing trend of internet usage, marketing firms must adapt to these advances in order to effectively utilize the strengths of both digital and traditional media marketing.

While studies show consumers still believe that traditional media outlets are the most useful for marketing campaigns, data on internet and mobile device usage shows that people spend almost 3 hours online each day. Comparing those numbers with statistics about the average television viewer— who watches 4 hours daily— the significance of developing a digital marketing campaign alongside a traditional media campaign becomes all the more apparent. By creating a blend of both, a law firm’s reach and recognition can grow exponentially.

At PMP Marketing Group, our digital and media teams work side-by-side to develop comprehensive, targeted marketing campaigns that combine the best of both approaches. The increasing convergence of these two media solutions encourages potential leads to explore each aspect of our clients’ campaigns with ease. An outdoor advertisement might lead to a law firm’s website, which then directs the potential lead to a social media platform, for example, ultimately increasing the law firm’s presence, strengthening the brand, and keeping them top-of-mind to consumers.

Providing our clients with an effective and completely custom approach to branding their firm and executing their marketing campaign is what sets PMP apart from the rest.

Traditional Media Increases Digital Traffic

Multitasking is the new norm when it comes to entertainment. Rarely do consumers only sit and watch television, or only check email with their smartphone. What research shows is that consumers will perform multiple behaviors simultaneously, which means potential leads are watching television while checking social media sites, or streaming radio while surfing the Internet.

What this means for a blended marketing campaign is that while a television commercial can direct a consumer to their website, now there is no lag time between the consumer receiving the message and acting on their impulse to visit the site because they will have instant access through their mobile device. With a campaign based solely in traditional or solely in digital marketing this opportunity would be missed.

From a traditional media standpoint, our clients utilize the following mediums:

And on the digital side, PMP clients can benefit from:

As our clients’ firms grow, PMP can offer them a huge range of services to keep up with their changing needs.

Audio Recognition Apps

A streamlined way to tap into the consumer’s desire to immediately learn more about your services can be found in applications that utilize audio or voice recognition technology. While your firm’s television spot runs, the app’s logo appears on the screen and asks the viewer to use the it— which they have already downloaded— to learn more.

Once the viewer opens their app and it recognizes the audio pattern of your firm’s commercial, the phone’s Internet browser instantaneously sends them to the site.

Thanks to our blended approach, PMP’s clients benefit from advancements in digital technology as it progresses without losing their foothold within the world of traditional marketing.

What You Need is What You Get

One of the most advantageous aspects of working with a marketing firm that handles both digital and traditional media is the ability to select which pieces of the whole will work for your law firm.

PMP’s skilled media team conducts thorough research on target markets and available types of advertising within your community in order to recommend the most cost effective and intelligent campaign for you.

Similarly, the digital team’s deep SEO work ensures your firm’s presence will be seen in the most targeted and useful locations on the Internet, honing in on the perfect strategy to bring your services directly to the clients in your area.

Utilizing a single firm to handle both sides of your blended campaign will ensure there are no holes or overlap in your strategy and that the work is complementary and harmonious.

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