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Designing Websites That Users Like

Getting new clients is usually the #1 goal for a law firm’s website, but potential clients have a lot to choose from. Without incorporating user-friendly elements into your firm’s web design, you could be losing leads.

We have previously discussed the elements in an effective user experience, which address the theory behind creating a website that provides a quality experience and increases conversions. Creating a user-friendly design focuses on similar concepts, but more specifically on incorporating concrete technical features into design than on abstract, qualitative experience.

Great law firm web design will incorporate an effective UX along with elements of user-friendly design to give the user what they want, while carefully crafting their experience. At Practice Made Perfect, our legal web design methods incorporate both of these important fields.

With over 75 years of Internet marketing experience combined, our digital marketing team understands how to integrate the latest and most effective strategies into our design and SEO services.

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Elements in a User-Friendly Design

Jakob Nielsen, the front-runner in the field of “web usability”, or user-friendliness, has been performing studies on the way people use websites since the early 1990s. Through his research, internet marketers have been given a wealth of information on what users want.

With the additional data-collection tools utilized by PMP, our analysts are able to identify specifically what your visitors want. This means continually making data-driven improvements to your website.

Through our years of experience, we have identified several elements of a user-friendly design that we incorporate into every new site:

  • Site Search

Getting around your site and being able to find information on any website is key. When your site has a wealth of legal information on a variety of topics, users need a way to find what is relevant to them. This is why site search is essential to usability. Not only should your site include a search option, it should be flexible enough to handle typos and other user mistakes.

  • Readable Text

As basic as this may seem, many sites break this cardinal rule. Some designers still specify the size of text in a website, which can make it hard to read on different sized screens, and impossible for the user to change the text size in their browser. Other mistakes include text that has a strange color and contrasts badly with the background, or not breaking up text. Research shows that web users read very differently than print readers, skimming through sections to obtain information. This is why webpages often break text up under different headings, use images, lists and short paragraphs to keep the reader interested.

  • Easy-to-Use Navigation

The way that information is presented to your users is extremely important. On large sites, visitors don’t expect to find every page of your website in your navigation menu, but at least an overview of your practice areas, firm information and how to get in touch. A disorganized menu can leave a user frustrated and ready to click to another site. At PMP, we use a well-structured and organized navigation strategy and continually monitor for any improvements that will increase usability.

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The field of usability is vast, covering many of the minute details in a site’s design and how users respond. From the color of clicked links to the time it takes to load a site, visitors have established very consistent preferences while using the Internet.

At PMP we create visually stunning websites that make it easy for you to obtain new clients, and constantly monitor your visitors’ behavior to improve their experience.

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