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Deep Competitor Analysis

At Practice Made Perfect, our digital team knows that it takes more than in-depth research of your market to get results; you have to be aware of your competitors’ strategies, too. Search engine rankings are critical to the success of a digital campaign, and in order to make it to the top, you need to know how the competition is ranking and why.

By utilizing up-to-the-minute techniques and analytical tools to evaluate your competitors’ methods, PMP Digital is able to promote your firm’s brand and craft a marketing strategy based on data, not conjecture.

Why We Dig Deep

Knowing your competition is the best way to get a leg up. By taking a good, hard look at the strategies and metrics of competitors’ sites, our team can improve upon specific aspects of your campaign. We use the data from our competitor analyses to uncover your practice’s digital path to success. From formulating thought-provoking and relevant content on blogs and offsite articles, to redesigning a site’s layout for optimal traffic, PMP Digital will turn informative statistics into a plan of action for you.

Analyzing Your Digital Competition

Unlike a brick-and-mortar business, competition analysis in the digital world requires a steady grasp of the keywords that your practice needs to rank for on the top search engines. Site-side and external SEO practices are one of the first aspects of a firm’s competition that we study. We also scrutinize:

Once we assess the landscape, our digital team begins to create a plan for you. Like a competitive analysis for traditional media placement, our recommendations for your digital campaign are the result of a SWOT analysis—a thorough examination of the firm’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as any opportunities and threats that may exist within your niche.

After analyzing the precise location of your firm in the digital marketplace and understanding your competitors’ placement, we are able to develop a strategy unique to the needs of your firm.

By using this approach, PMP can capitalize on existing assets, while enhancing areas of your practice that your competition is lacking.

Giving You the Edge

Examining the existing strategies of your competition is the best way to see what works within your niche and how to place yourself above them. The feedback we get from competitor research offers us a finite framework within which to reinforce your digital strategy. Other marketing firms might let this facet of your campaign slip through the cracks. At PMP, we keep your friends close and your competitors closer.

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