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Custom Application Development

The ability to stay competitive in the legal industry today has become a serious challenge from a technology standpoint. In recognition of this challenge, PMP's very own Custom Application Development department serves to help law firms remain progressively sustainable. Using our proprietary software, we are able to build custom tools and applications to meet the exact requirements of our customers.

At PMP, building large websites in excess of a million pages is not a problem and made achievable with a combination of our custom software and the applied technical skills from our in house programming dept. The highly customized framework of our development team allows us to create robust websites from the ground up, all while implementing the various elements required by the particular client we are constructing the site for.

As we build and develop these customized websites, everything from navigation functionality to lead attainment and regulation is tailored to the specific client and their law firm’s objectives. With the ability to support a law firm’s internal staff, we are able to provide a clear path to improved overall productivity - as lawyers are able to access their sites and make adjustments accordingly.

PMP Customized Software

PMP Marketing Group’s custom application development provides an on-demand, scalable, and comprehensive platform in which to build and augment branding for large law firms. With flexible development models, PMP can ensure that the interface is accessible and navigable for both visitor and law firm use.

To find out more, contact our development team at 561-253-6707 to discuss your exact requirements. We have the knowledge and support to build what you need.

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