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Competitor Research


Competitor research is key to a well-rounded and cohesive media campaign. At PMP Marketing Group, we thoroughly research our client’s specific market or DMA and the competitive landscape of other attorneys who are advertising in the area.

Even if a client is limiting his or her advertising efforts to a few mediums, we make sure that we have a comprehensive understanding of what other lawyers are doing in the market so that we can make recommendations accordingly.

We are market-exclusive. This means that once we sign a client in a particular DMA, we will not work with any competitors in the area. We are committed to our clients’ success and work on growing their firms to their fullest potential.

Our market managers will often visit the market to meet station and advertising representatives face-to-face before ever placing a media buy. Using research tools like Kantar and Nielsen, we are able to garner a complete insight into the market in order to customize an effective campaign strategy.

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