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Importance of Community Outreach

At PMP Marketing Group our award winning legal advertising team has recognized the importance of community outreach for our clients and will assist in finding different ways to get involved with the community. Our team will help promote anything which your lawyers contribute to, volunteer for, or serve on boards of, which are helpful to the community and charitable organizations.

Keeping involved with your community will help put a name to the face of your law firm, and help people understand that lawyers are here to help the community and those in need. To learn more about how our team can develop a community outreach program at your firm, we welcome you to contact our law firm advertising agency today.

Creating Community Outreach

There are several different techniques law firms can administer in order to increase their community outreach. In any case, they all serve a similar purpose; to create more exposure for your law firm and to show your support in the community.  A few ways which can help to create a community outreach strategy include:

    • Relate to people’s lives by skillfully crafting a message
    • Use engaging and interactive outreach strategies
    • Enlist trusted people in your community
    • Reach people multiple times through multiple mediums
    • Explain why participation is important
    • Understand your outreach goals
    • Adjust strategy to specific demographic
    • Assume not everyone will participate
    • Use social media to increase outreach

    Of course, there are several community outreach strategies that can be used specifically for media.

    Community Outreach Strategies for Media

    In most instances, brands may appear bland and and useless unless they are presented with a human face to your prospective clients. A proper community outreach strategy can put your face in front of your community giving your brand a personal touch that is unmatched in building loyal clients. Some community outreach strategies for media include:

      • Appear at media sales events
      • Choose a guest editor from the community
      • Form a partnership with a business
      • Help a charity
      • Hold a contest or competition
      • Sponsor a community event
      • Start a community dialogue

      Each of these community outreach strategies may be used in unison, while others may be used separately as needed for your law firm.

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