Many law firms pride themselves on helping others such as car accident victims or those injured by a recalled product. However, doing something good is not just about clients, it should also be about the community. Volunteering is a great way to demonstrate a commitment to the community as well as increase the connection you have to your neighbors.

Community involvement is about more than getting business, although that is an advantage. Furthermore, law firm community involvement goes beyond working with your local Bar Association. Find something you and your team members are passionate about, it does not necessarily have to be something that has impacted you or your family. Enjoy golfing? Find an event going on for charity; participate in local toy drives and give back just for the sake of giving back.

The Lanier Law Firm proudly displays their community involvement work online by detailing their work with each organization. The law firm gives a brief explanation of the organization they are working with and how they helped them whether it is donating to local food banks or sponsoring a debate program. The pictures they post are also a great way to showcase that everyone from the firm is involved.

Luvera Law Firm also lists the groups and organizations they are involved with on their website. The firm gives a brief description of their work with each organization and provides a link so that readers may learn more about what the organization does. Focusing on the organization the firm is involved with promotes not only the firm’s community involvement but also the organization they are working with.

Gordon & Partners promotes their community involvement front and center with a link directly on their home page. The webpage lists a slew of community involvement events including recent happenings and others dating back to 2008. By providing up-to-date community involvement activities on their website they are showing a continued commitment to serving the community.

Getting involved in your community provides the opportunity for photo and video coverage which, in turn, can be promoted on your blog and social media pages. Photos and videos can help your community see you and your team as real people and members of the same community working toward the same goals.

Most importantly, law firm community involvement allows you to provide help to those in your community who truly need it.

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