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Building A Brand

Having a strong brand is one of the most powerful tools that a law firm can possess. Here at PMP Marketing, we can provide industry-tested and proven techniques that are designed to create YOUR brand and propel your firm to the next level.

By utilizing a combination of design elements and delivery platforms, we are able to project the desired message to your audience in a confident, authoritative manner.

Phase 1 - The Important Design Elements

As many personal injury victims often turn to those that can provide some form of stability during the process of recovering from an injury, by creating an original, unified design for your firm, it helps to portray an image of consistency and dependability that many victims connect with.

To begin that building process, we use a combination of design elements to help convey that message:

  • Unique graphic application
  • Cohesive, scripted content for commercials
  • Cutting edge visual design
  • Timed commercials to keep audiences engaged

…. Just to name a few.

In each part of the process, we have the flexibility to either present a selection of fully-developed designs for your final approval, or alternatively – to work with you during the design process, taking note of your input throughout the development phase.

Phase 2 - Uniting The Message To The Delivery Medium

While having the design is paramount, of equal importance is being able to distribute that message into the mass market.

With that in mind, at PMP we have a host of industry connections that enable us to provide an all-inclusive platform that allows us to present that message.

Some of the delivery mediums that we include in our advertising packages are:

  • Television mass marketing (cable and broadcast)
  • Radio (AM / FM)
  • Fixed location (Billboards, bus stops)
  • Mass Transit (bus / rail)
  • Entertainment (cinema)

…. Along with other less conventional mediums which may have provided excellent results previously.

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