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PMP Marketing Group is proud to announce that our team has been recognized by Summit International Awards for the redesign of O'Connor, Acciani, & Levy’s website.

Our work on this redesign earned us the Leader Award, or bronze award, within the website redesign category of the Summit Emerging Media Award, one of three given by the organization.

If you’re still searching for gifts for your family and friends, some of whom may be lawyers, it might be time to turn to the professionals. At PMP Marketing Group, our years spent working with law firms has allowed us to get to know what lawyers want and need for their practice. Below are three options for your favorite lawyer this holiday season. You Can’t Teach Hungry For the lawyer who is eager to bring their business to the next level in 2016, “You Can’t Teach

As the third largest social media network, LinkedIn can help lawyers grow their practice, make legal connections, and even obtain qualified leads. There are many ways a lawyer can leverage LinkedIn to build a strong client and referral base. Make Your Profile Public While it is understandable to want to make your social media profiles private, your LinkedIn profile should be available to everyone. Making your profile public will make it easier for people to find and connect with you. On

Big cases and trials often turn into a large media presence, however, not all cases are media-worthy. As a result of this, law firms usually turn to marketing in order to get new clients. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that new, and well-seasoned, law firms make while marketing their services. No Online Presence Having an online presence is essential in this day and age. Unfortunately, many firms lack an online presence or keep it minimal. A lack of website makes it much more difficult

Spending on TV advertising has continued to subside. Overall, between 2014 and 2015, TV advertising fell by approximately four percent. Specifically, it was noted that broadcast TV advertising, on networks like CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox fell by seven percent, a rate similar to Spot TV advertising. Spot advertising is when advertisers run an ad to a select market, network or geographic area rather than running the ad across several networks. TV advertising during syndicated shows faced a similar

Over the past decade, the landscape of legal marketing has greatly changed. From increased efforts in broadcast advertising to amplified efforts online, specifically through social media. In 2015, lawyers are projected to spend $892 million on television advertising. About 23 of 25 top Google keywords linking ads to user searches are for personal injury law firms. As the need for legal guidance grows, firms are becoming more strategic about their efforts. Broadcast Advertising Since 2008,

Marketing trends come and go, but there are some statistics that law firms should pay extra attention to in order to properly adjust your marketing efforts. A 2014 survey on legal consumer needs revealed that 74 percent of prospective clients that begin their search online contact the law firm via phone. About 87 percent of those who contact an attorney go on to hire one and 72 percent of those online go on to contact only one attorney. According to the 2013 Google Consumer Survey, about 38

Ad-blocking software has more than 200 million users, which has many businesses questioning just how this will impact their advertising efforts. Usage rates for this type of software vary on the type of content being provided and audience demographics. For example, young men using video game sites tend to use ad-block software more frequently. While ad-block software on desktops is nothing new, many are worried about how Apple’s decision to support ad blockers in its iPhone operating

It’s true, Americans are working more hours than ever before. However, the past-time of watching TV continues to grow despite people spending more time at work. According to the Department of Labor’s American Time Use Survey report, work took up nearly eight hours of the day. The time spend at work rose by ten minutes between 2013 and 2014. Americans are spending nearly three hours a day watching TV, which is more time than last year. On average, the only other things Americans

A new advertising study finds that when it comes to advertising, TV is King. The study was conducted by MarketShare, but commissioned by Turner Broadcasting and Horizon Media. The results reinforce PMP's emphatic commitment to ensuring our legal clients have a robust presence in their TV markets. MarketShare is a marketing-analytics company and in their study, they conducted a broad survey advertising campaigns across five years in order to determine the effectiveness of various mediums. The

PMP Marketing Group (PMP) is proud to announce that we have been selected to receive the 21st Annual 2015 Communicator Award. PMP has been recognized for a commercial produced on behalf of the Denver-based law firm, Bachus & Schanker. Our company received the Silver award in the commercial legal category. Known for recognizing big ideas in marketing and communications, The Communicator Awards is one of the world’s leading awards program that recognizes excellence in

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