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Bilingual Marketing

It is estimated that more than 57 million Americans speak another language at home besides English with at least 35 million disclosing that they speak Spanish at home. America has been known as the “melting pot” for all nationalities for many years and the number of foreign language speakers has continued to increase over time. In light of these changes many companies are shifting the way they market themselves to bilingual citizens and residents.

At Practice Made Perfect we understand how marketing specifically to bilingual communities can help our clients flourish in their domain. Bilingual marketing has become a staple in many industries as more and more companies seek to reach out to these growing communities.

By using bilingual marketing a law firm can establish cultural understanding, and most importantly, trust with potential clients. Furthermore, potential clients are often more comfortable speaking with an attorney that can help guide them through the entire litigation process in their native language.  

How Bilingual Marketing Works

The most commonly spoken foreign languages in the United States are Spanish, Chinese, and French. Although translation software and websites are plentiful most foreign languages differ by region. For example, in Mexico, Spanish is the de facto national language however there are more than 50 indigenous languages spoken throughout the country. Practice Made Perfect can help you reach out to these niche markets in your area.

By creating unique, and properly translated, content and performing detailed keyword research can help increase your website traffic, provide better foreign language search engine rankings, and increased conversions. Our bilingual marketing efforts can help give you a competitive edge that will help you stand out from the competition.

Bilingual Marketing Made Perfect

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