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Attorney Branding

Branding is critical for a successful marketing campaign in an industry, and attorney branding is no exception. Lawyers have no tangible product to sell, so in order to articulate the strengths and values of their firm an attorney must be armed with a personal branding strategy to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

At Practice Made Perfect, our digital and media teams understand the role a strong online presence plays in branding your firm, which is why our approach is grounded in research and marketing methods that are proven to be the most effective in generating leads for our clients.

Our approach to attorney branding accounts for all of the components of a thriving marketing strategy and we consider every detail of a campaign to ensure that it effectively projects your message. Although on the surface brand building seems to be an easy task, it requires a great amount of thought and consideration to determine exactly what your brand should look and feel like to consumers, and below are some of the most important questions to ask when building your law firm’s brand.

  • What do I want my clients to think of when they hear my name?

What image do you want to portray to potential clients? Consumers do not make assumptions of trustworthiness, professionalism or intelligence, instead they rely on cues from your branding.

  • What is my target market?

Who is your ideal client? What are they looking for? What language do they speak and what are their demographics? Focusing on an audience will make your campaign more effective.

  • How can I reach my target market effectively and efficiently?

Who your target market is will help determine which channels of communication are the most effective. Are they local or global? Where should print ads be placed or television and radio ads be broadcast?

  • What are the needs of my prospective clients?

Think as if you are a prospective client and not an attorney— how would you feel, what questions would you ask, what would you need or want to hear in a time of crisis?

  • Am I expressing the strengths and values of my firm in all of our marketing materials?

Many different logos, inconsistent fonts on a website or out-of-date information will not convey the message that your firm is strong, reliable or in tune with a modern audience. Consider all aspects of communication with your target market as another way to prove your worth.

As daunting as these decisions may seem they are of the utmost importance, as the answers to these questions will create an image of your firm for your prospective clients, and will color the way they perceive your brand and your services.

PMP understands the importance of personal branding, since the relationships that attorneys create with their clients are oftentimes the strongest impressions that can be made. Bearing that in mind, some additional branding tips to consider include:

  • Utilizing social media to connect and communicate with your target audience
  • Speaking at events and engagements
  • Creating an up-to-date portfolio of successful settlements and verdicts
  • Regularly updating logos, website, and other touch points of your brand
  • Maintaining and building a strong, optimized web presence

Staying informed, in the loop and active on issues within the legal industry will ensure that your brand is perceived as competent, helpful and relevant. An SEO or PPC optimized website guarantees higher rankings in Google searches, which will ultimately expand the reach of your law firm and generate more potential client leads.

 Integrating a media and a digital campaign will ultimately help your firm receive the most benefits from both, and attorney branding certainly plays a vital role in deciding how your clients will receive your message.

At PMP, our goal is to make sure that the essence of your personal brand is felt in every aspect of your digital and media campaigns, and our comprehensive approach to both ensure that your core message always shines through in the most polished and effective way possible.

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