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About Link Building

It has been said that while the overall size of a website is a leading factor to achieving optimum rankings, it's important to recognize that the number of quality links pointing to that website is a close second.

"Backlinks" - the spearhead of link building - are among the most critical elements of any SEO law firm marketing plan, and are used to build authority and power into a website. Here at PMP Marketing Group, we have pioneered a number of industry-leading link building strategies that ensure consistent, premium level rankings that are designed to endure almost all search engine algorithm updates and revisions.

Search Engine Algorithms & Your Website

Sites Used in Internet Marketing and Link Building for Local Search, SEO and Social MediaIn essence, backlinks serve as “signals” to Google, and when many links are pointing to your website from other relevant websites, Google believes that your site must be a helpful, useful location for information in your respective industry. With this logic in mind, these “signals” play an incredibly important role in a website’s ability to gain exposure and awareness on a local and global scale.

Google’s algorithm - which determines the ranking order of websites displayed on a results page - changes frequently, with these updates being designed to further refine the user experience. What this means is that when a search request is sent, that user is delivered a list of results that that most accurately provide an answer to the request.

It's important to note that due to the questionable link-building practices used by many SEO houses, maintaining solid rankings during these updates can be a very difficult task. However, with this in mind - the link building techniques that we employ at PMP are designed for the long-term growth of your website.

Regardless of how often the algorithm may change, your site will remain stable throughout these updates.

Link Building Specialists

Our Link Building Specialists use the latest techniques to boost your search engine rankings and improve the value of your legal websiteThe link building processes used at Practice Made Perfect are focused solely on achieving premium level rankings and ultimately, client conversions at your website. By keeping a close watch on market trends we are able to incorporate unique ideas into our link building models, while ensuring the stability of your existing rankings.

With PMP, you can trust that our digital department remains on the cutting-edge of the newest, most innovative SEO practices and can make YOUR digital vision a reality.

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