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Our Annual Client Retreat

2015 PMP client retreat

The PMP client retreat is a yearly gathering of some of America’s greatest legal minds. Orchestrated by PMP’s founding partner John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan, the largest personal injury law firm in the United States, our client retreat is geared directly to law firms that are looking to make new connections in the industry and to obtain some insight into the mindset of running a highly successful personal injury practice.

The speakers at the seminar cover a variety of legal-based topics, which vary from year to year. Some topics covered in the past have included:

  • The importance of a strong opening statement
  • How to find product liability in personal injury claims
  • Jury selection software
  • Specific areas of practice that can pay for your advertising
  • Tools for effective hiring
  • How to edit current personnel for maximum performance
  • The art of intake
  • How internet marketing and Pay-Per-Click campaigns can benefit your firm

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Here at PMP Marketing Group, we understand the business of legal advertising; it’s all we do. To find out more about our services, or to inquire about attending our annual retreat, please contact us today at 561-253-6707. A member of our team will field your inquiry and connect you with one of our market managers. It’s that easy!

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